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People counting solutions

Smart-Vyzion offers different technologies adapted to the counting of people in a shop, public place or outside area. Depending on the importance of the flow and the configuration of the premises, our advisors will offer you the most suitable equipment for your establishment!

Counting people not only makes it possible to control the flow and density of occupancy in real time, but also to have indispensable statistics on the use of the premises. In particular, these statistics can be useful for adapting your staff needs or product offering.

Connected to a screen at the entrance of your establishment that informs of the number of places remaining, it will also allow to regulate the flow of peaople effectively in order to guarantee compliance with current regulations regarding the limit of density of attendance of the premises.

Double lens counting camera at the entrance

The simplest solution, the dual camera detects entrances and exits, to know at any time the number of people present. Attached to a screen located at the entrance of your store, it will allow you to regulate the flow automatically and comfort your customers and employees. Possibility to manage up to 6 entrances at a time. The perfect solution for businesses of all sizes!

Counting camera by zone

Adapted to small spaces, the camera detects people and gives in real time the number of people present! Ideal for small grocery stores, small shops where the configuration of the premises is simple. Possibility to have several cameras and a software that centralizes the information in real time!

Multiple counting cameras

High-resolution cameras ensure the counting of people up to 27 metres and allow outdoor or indoor installation in large areas. An expert will advise you at best, a feasibility study is necessary and will result in the proposal of a complete solution!


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Expert in access control solutions, SMART VYZION proposes to integrate the best access control solutions by taking body temperature and detecting the wearing of a mask in your company, shop, public place or any other place likely to receive the public.


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