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Global Control Solutions

Our multi-purpose thermal imaging camera solutions are designed for highly frequented locations. Coupled with the control of an operator, you will be able to create alerts in case of abnormal detection. These solutions can guarantee an optimal protection of public places!

Thermal camera for fixed installation: an early detection of fever adapted to the strong affluence of individuals (industries, airports, shopping centres, hospitals...)

Our collective control solutions meet the needs of many companies and public places wishing to automatically detect anomalies linked to a rise in temperature of people present, not only at the entrance of buildings but also inside the premises. Fixed installations are perfectly adapted to the incessant flow of passengers. Airports, shopping centres, metro stations, railway stations or hospitals are in great demand for this type of installation that allows the operator to be remote from the control point.

Capable of detecting a constant flow of 10 to 30 people per second, these cameras trigger alerts to allow the rapid isolation of individuals at risk. Today, with the massive spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, thermal imaging cameras play an essential role in limiting the spread of the virus by immediately isolating any suspicious case.

SMART VYZION proposes to equip in a simple and efficient way highly frequented places, and accompanies you in the implementation of a process of actions to be taken as soon as an individual is detected!

For an optimal accuracy of up to +- 0.1°C, SMART VYZION recommends the installation of a "Black box" in the camera field, serving as a measurement standard and thus guaranteeing the constancy and reliability of the system set up.

Today, these solutions have been democratized and are not only reserved for highly frequented public places! Ask our advisers for a tailor-made offer adapted to your situation!


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Expert in access control solutions, SMART VYZION proposes to integrate the best access control solutions by taking body temperature and detecting the wearing of a mask in your company, shop, public place or any other place likely to receive the public.


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